Product Comparison: H07V-R BV Stranded Electric Cable and H07V-K RV Flexible Cable

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Product Comparison: H07V-R BV Stranded Electric Cable and H07V-K RV Flexible Cable

H07V-R BVR Stranded Electric Cable & H07V-K RV Flexible Cable, are both relatively flexible electrical wires, although they are used in home decoration, lighting, indoor, construction and other places. But they are two different kinds of wire and cables, what are the differences between them? Please refer to the following details.

BVR H07V-R Stranded electric cable


1.H07V-R BVR Stranded Electric Cable: stranded copper wires PVC insulated non-sheath electric cable; it is used to transmit electric (magnetic) energy, information content and complete electric energy conversion. It is composed of insulating layer and electric conductor. It is a kind of copper core PVC insulated flexible wire, which is used in the specified soft place when installed and fixed.



2.H07V-K RV Flexible Cable: Stranded copper wires flexible PVC insulated non-sheath flexible cable; It is widely used in industrial production power distribution equipment industry, especially in soft installation sites with strict appropriate regulations, such as electrical cabinets, power distribution cabinets and various low-voltage electrical machinery and equipment, which can be used to transmit data signals of electrical engineering, electrical control system and power switch. This kind of flexible cables are designed with soft structure. The bending radius of the electric conductor is small, and it is suitable for wet, cold and oily installation sites.


RV H07V-K Flexible Cable


When you buy these two kinds of electrical wire and cables, you will notice three types of electrical wires, the BV (H07V-U solid copper pvc insulated electric cable), BV stranded & BVR (H07V-R stranded copper pvc insulated electric cable) and RV (H07V-K stranded copper pvc insulated flexible Cable), but many people do not know what the English letters mean?


① The English letter "B" means the kind of electrical wire will be fixed and installed on the indoor wall, or used to connect the switches, sockets, lights, small electrical appliances, etc.


② The English letter "L" means aluminum coin, and the absence of "L" means copper core wire.


③ The English letter "V" means PVC, that is, plastic cable sheath (one "V" means one insulating layer and two "V" means two insulating layers).

④ The letter "R" means copper wire. To ensure its softness, it is to increase the number of electrical conductors and reduce the diameter of each wire.


Let's introduce the similarities and differences between BVR H07V-R stranded copper wire PVC insulated electric cable and RV H07V-K Stranded Copper wire PVC insulated electrical wire.

BVR earth wire


1. Similarities:

① Both kinds of electric cables belong to flexible cables. The conductor material is stranded copper wire, and the insulation materials are PVC.

② The structure of the two kinds of electric cables are very simple, copper wire conductor and PVC insulation.

③ The insulated color is same, red, yellow, black, blue, green, brown, yellow/green.


2. Differences:

① Executive Standard: The BVR (H07V-R) electric cable should be complied with GB/T 5023.3-2008, JB/T8734.2-2016. The RV (H07V-K) flexible cable should be complied with GB/T 5023.5-2008.

② Conductor Class: BVR (H07V-R) stranded electric cable should be used to Class 2 stranded copper wires; RV (H07V-K) flexible cable should be used to Class 5 flexible copper wires, Class 5 copper wire is softer and thinner than Class 2 copper wire.



RV flexible cable structure


③ Main Applications: BVR  (H07V-R) stranded electric cables, are mostly used as wiring wires for the installation and connection of fixed electrical equipment, generally replacing BV (H07V-U) solid copper electrical wires; RV (H07V-K) flexible cable, is used for the internal connection wire of various house-hold appliances, or mechanical equipment. It is also often used by security products and instrument equipment. Therefore, RV  (H07V-K) flexible cable is softer, so their another name is "electronic wire".

④ Operating Temperature: The operating temperature of basic BVR (H07V-R) stranded electric cable cannot exceed 70℃, and RV (H07V-K) flexible cable can reach 80℃. Some of them also use 90℃ PVC materials.

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