6491X BV Single Core Solid Copper Electrical Wire

6491X BV Single Core Solid Copper Electrical Wire, for protected fixed installations inside appliances and in or on lighting fittings. Further for installations in pipes on and under plaster, however, only for signal circuit and control circuit.


· Classification:

H07V-U Solid Copper Wire Electrical Wires

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T/T, L/C, Cash.

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Xiamen City, China.

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Red, yellow, blue, green, brown, black, white, grey

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Xiamen port, China.

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Within 3-7 working days as soon as we received the deposit.


6491X BV Single Core Solid Copper Electrical Wire

6491X BV Single Core Solid Copper Electrical Wire



6491X BV Single Core Solid Copper Electrical Wire.


H07V-U, 6491X, NYA, BV, solid copper wire, pvc insulated cable, electrical wire, electric cable, wire and cables.


6491X BV Single Core Solid Copper Electrical Wire, are suitable for power and lighting circuits and building wiring. The cable is intended for use in semi-flush exposed conduits and embedded conduits as well as in closed installation ducts, and is ideal for the internal wiring of appliances.

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6491X BV Single Core Solid Copper Electrical Wire, the structure as below:

---Conductor Material

Plain annealed copper wire, solid Class 1.

---Insulation Material

PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

---Sheath Material


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 Description of Cable   Products Main Technical Sheet 
 Products Name

 6491X BV Single Core Solid Copper Electrical Wire.

 Conductor Material  Plain annealed copper wires, solid Class 1.
 Conductor Structure  1/1.78 mm.
 Insulation Material  PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride).
 Insulation Thickness  0.8 mm.
 Insulation Colour  Red, yellow, blue, green, black, grey, white, yellow/green, or others.
Sheath Material  Non-sheath.
 Conductor Cross-section  1 x 2.5 mm2.
 Core Number  Single core, 1 core, 1C.
 Out Diameter  3.9 mm.
 Voltage Rate  450/750V (U0/U).
 About Net Weight  31 kg/km.

 Max. Conductor DC 

 Resistance at 20℃ in Air

 7.41 Ω/km.

 Min. Insulated 

 Resistance at 70℃

 0.010 MΩ.km.

 Max. Ampacity 

 at 40 ℃ in air 

 Production Standard  JB/T 8734-2016, GB/T 5023-2008, IEC 60227, EN 50525-2-31. 

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● High precision oxygen free copper(99.99%)

● Energy saving and low resistance

● High current load capacity

● Long life and strong safety performance

Stronger conductivity and oxidation resistance

● Using high-quality solid copper wire, not easy to break.

● Compared with multi-strand wire, it can load large current and has a longer working life.

High quality PVC flame retardant anti-aging

● Using high-quality PVC material, flame retardant and corrosion resistant

● Self-extinguishing from fire, safe and reliable

Uniform thickness to protect electrical safety

● Uniform thickness, effectively prevent current

● breakdown and ignition

Application: industry,engineering,decoration,lighting switch socket,water heater..



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