YJV U-1000 R02V XLPE Insulated Power Cable
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YJV U-1000 R02V XLPE Insulated Power Cable


U-1000 R2V XLPE Insulated YJV Power Cable

YJV power cable
YJV power cable
YJV power cable
YJV power cable
YJV power cable
YJV power cable
YJV power cable

U-1000 R2V XLPE Insulated YJV Power Cable

U-1000 R2V XLPE Insulated YJV Power Cable, these U-1000 R2V cables with XLPE insulation and PVC outer sheath can be used in all low voltage power installations. Multiconductors cables are adapted to remote control and telecontrol installations. It could be installed outside without protection (UV resistance, AN3 according to NF C 15-100).

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    Xiamen City, China.
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    Red, yellow, blue, green, brown, black, white, grey
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    Xiamen port, China.
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    Within 5-7 working days as soon as we received the deposit.

U-1000 R2V XLPE Insulated YJV Power Cable



U-1000 R2V XLPE Insulated YJV Power Cable.


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U-1000 R2V XLPE Insulated YJV Power Cable


U-1000 R2V XLPE Insulated YJV Power Cable, these power cables are used for electricity supply in low voltage installation systems. They are well adapted to underground use in industrial applications with an additional mechanical protection. These cables can be fixed on cable trays, within conduits or fixed to walls.


U-1000 R2V XLPE Insulated YJV Power Cable, the structure as below:

---Conductor Material

     Plain annealed copper wire, solid Class 1, or stranded Class 2.

---Insulation Material

     XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene).

---Sheath Material

     PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

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 Description of Cable   Products Main Technical Sheet 
 Products Name

 U-1000 R2V XLPE Insulated YJV Power Cable.

 Conductor Material  Plain annealed copper wires, stranded Class 2.
 Conductor Structure  3C x 7/2.14 mm.
 Insulation Material  XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene).
 Insulation Thickness  0.9 mm.
 Insulation Colour  Brown, blue, yellow/green; or others.
 Sheath Material  PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride).
 Sheath Thickness  1.8 mm.
 Sheath Colour  Black, red, orange, or others.
 Conductor Cross-section  3 x 25 mm2.
 Core Number  Three cores, 3 cores, 3C.
 Out Diameter  23.5 mm.
 Voltage Rate  600/1000V, 0.6/1kV (U0/U).
 About Net Weight  1080 kg/km.
 Production Standard

 GB/T 12706-2020, IEC 60502.

 Max. Conductor DC 

 Resistance at 20℃ in Air

 0.727 Ω/km.

 Max. Ampacity 

 at 25℃ in undergroun


U-1000 R02V XLPE Insulation YJV Power Cable


Xiamen Seebest Wire & Cable Co., Ltd, was established in 2009, is located in Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China. The total area of company more than 100,000 square meters. The company is a modern manufacturing enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, sales and service of wire and cables for customers at home and abroad.


---Reasonable Price, Overvalue Products, Quickly Delivery, Foremost Services.
---ISO9001, CCC, CE, CB, RoHS, SAA, VDE, DEKRA, UL, and other certificates. 
---20 years of professional experience in wire and cable manufacturing, sales, and service. 
---One hour arrives at Xiamen airport, seaport, High-speed Railways station, and bus station.
---2 professional engineers, 8 rigorous QC staff, and a total of 168 experienced staff. 

---Familiar with GB, JB, IEC, AS/NZS, BS, VDE, TüV, UL, and other standards, can be customized for wire and cables according to the customer's requirements.

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---Electrical Wires: PVC or LSZH Insulated Electrical Wires. 
---Power Cables: 0.6/1kV, PVC, XLPE, or LSZH Insulated Power Cables.
---Electronic Wires: UL 62, UL 1007, UL1015, UL 2464, UL 2468, VDE 0281, VDE 0282,

    VDE 0250, and other Electronic Wires. 

---Customized Products: Fire Retardant Cables, Fire Resistant Cables, Mineral Insulated Power

    Cables, LSZH, LSOH, LSFH and other RoHs Cables, and Environmental Protection Cables.

---Communication Cables: Networking Cables, Telephone Cables, Coaxial Cables, Speaker Cables.

---Power Plugs: CCC, UL, VDE, and other standards Power Plugs.

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---Seebest Cable: Become the most trusted cable company in China.
---Seebest Cable: Focus on Quality, Foremost Service.
---Seebest Cable: It is your Production Base, Overseas Warehouse, Purchase Consultant, 

Technology Supporter, and Sales Assistant in Wire and Cables Industry.


1. Are you a manufacturer or trading company?
We are a professional manufacturer, we can control your order from the first step to the final shipment (from start to end), welcome you to visit us, we will receive you warmly in Xiamen City, China.

2. Can you provide the free samples?
Of course, we can provide free samples to you, but you should pay the express freight and taxes. 

3. What’s your Minimum Order Quantity?
For the Electrical Wires less than 16mm2, the MOQ is 5,000 meters; 

For the Power Cables more than 25mm2, the MOQ is 1,000 meters; 

For the networking cables, the MOQ is 100 boxes/cartons; 

For the Electronics Wire with International Approvals, the MOQ is 10,000 meters. 

For other customized wire and cables, please negotiate the MOQ with us immediately.

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4. Can you give me the price discount?

We can give you the price discount, but the discount percent depends on the quantity, quality, packaging and payment terms in your order. 

In addition, price is an important factor, but it should not the decisive factor; the price can be lower, but we must keep the safe bottom-line. The high-quality products can help you saving more money, and there is not potential safety hazard, you don't worry about them every day.

5. Can you provide the OEM, OBM and ODM services?

Yes, we can provide OEM, OBM and ODM services for you, but you should provide the Power of Attorney for Trademark and other detailed information to us.

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