Inspection Process

Inspection Process and Equipment


Since its establishment,"Xiamen Seebest Wire & Cable Co., Ltd." has always attached great importance to the QUALITY of products from Big boss to general staff, often emphasizing and publicizing the importance of "Products Quality" to all employees, placing it at the most important, critical and core position, and even determining the fate of the enterprise.


Seebest Cable


"Seebest Cable" has always adhered to the Quality Management policy of "Leaders Attention, Everyone Participation, Process Inspection, Continuous Improvement", has a set of strict Quality Control and Management Systems, and refined them into each process, including Supplier Management, Raw-material Inspection, Self Inspection, Patrol Inspection, Cross Inspection, Packaging Inspection, Delivery Inspection and Third-party Inspection.The company will never allow unqualified products into the market / customers, otherwise the products will be caused unnecessary trouble and lossed to customers.


The inspection process of "Seebest Cable" as follows:

        Seebest Cable


The inspection equipment of "Seebest Cable" as follows:



"Xiamen Seebest Wire & Cable Co., Ltd", was founded in 2009, and is located at No. 372, Huanzhu Road, Jimei District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China. 

"Seebest Cable" is a manufacturer specializing in the Research, Development, Production, Sales and Service of wire and cables for customers at home and abroad.


Seebest Cable


"Seebest Cable" always adhered to the business philosophy of "Honesty and Trustworthiness, People-Oriented, Quality First, and Win-Win Cooperation", providing the Reasonable Prices, Value-added Products, Quick Delivery, Professional Technology, and Warm Services to the customers. 

After years of rapid development, the company already won the trust and support from the customers at home and abroad, and "Seebest" has become a well-known brand in the industry.


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