Long long ago, some people mistakenly believed that "SERVICES" only existed in private enterprises (especially in the catering industry of the self-employed). They believed that if the products were good, they would not worry about not selling them. But In today's society, everyone knows the importance of "SERVICES", and even monopoly enterprises and government departments are promoting and emphasizing "service".

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Please squint your eyes and think about it, almost every product has the same style, structure, price and quality. There are many manufacturers and suppliers (unless your products are unique monopoly products). Why do customers choose you? Why did they choose your product? I think "SERVICES" is a very important and key reason.

Speaking of "SERVICES", I understand the general principle, but many people just talk about it, stick it on the wall and write it in their speeches. Please ask yourself, how many people really put the concept of "service" into their blood and soul? Melt into work? Can you really put yourself in the other's shoes, think about problems from the customer's standpoint, and help customers solve problems with heart.

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There are many companies that have a customer service philosophy: Customer First, Foremost Service (may be "Kindly, Warmly, Attentive", or other words). How can we achieve "Service"? I think we should at least pay attention to the following points.

1. PROFESSIONAL. As a international trade salesman, we must very familiar with our products, company and industry. 

(1) For products. We should know the products as well as our own hands. Such as Chinese product name, other product name from international target market,product series, raw material of product, product structure, product application, product characteristic, product colour, product packing, product precautions and others.  

(2) For company. We should understand the company's situation. Such as development history, corporate culture, organizational structure, qualification certificates, market positioning, product positioning, price positioning, customer positioning, core advantages, and etc.

(3) For industry. We should be very familiar with the industry, such as the management department, industry planning, industry standards (including domestic and international), raw material prices, product prices, benchmarking enterprises, domestic and foreign competitors, and others.

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2. EFFICIENCY. Time is Money, Efficiency is Life. Today's society is a fast-paced era, otherwise it may be eliminated by customers and the times. We must improve our work efficiency, respond to customers' needs at the first time, and help customers solve problems. No matter how the customer sends it, including telephone, mobile-phone, e-mail, fax, Skype, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. There may be a lot of questions or problems from the customer. If we can solve them, we should help the customer solve them as soon as possible. If the conditions are not ripe, we must tell the customer as soon as possible to find a solution. 

3. CONSIDERATE. Now the supply of goods exceeds the demand (the seller's market), so we should do a good job of service, and be gentle and considerate like a "Bosom-friend Sister".

(1) Politeness. We should pay attention to manners at all times, which is the basic principle of our life. Even if the other party is not our target customer, or in the face of harassing calls, we should maintain "gentlemanly demeanor" and pay attention to our image, because we also represent the company's image at all times.   

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(2) Smile. Even if the customer is far away and you cannot see him, please keep your mouth up and smile, because there is telepathy between people. Smile can reflect your affinity, shorten the distance between people and increase the probability of success; Smile shows that you are optimistic, love work and life; Smile shows that you are not afraid of difficulties and good at decompression; Smile shows that you are full of confidence and expectation for the future.

(3) Endure. If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow. Whenever we face anyone, please keep the necessary patience and restraint. Even if the other party irritates you, or even makes trouble unreasonably, especially in the face of harassment, maybe the customer is testing us? If we are not calm, irrational and unconcerned, we are easily irritated, and may do something to hurt ourselves, customers and the company, causing irreparable consequences and losses. We should have a mentality of "customers abuse me thousands of times, and I treat customers like first love". The customer is also a person with flesh and blood and feelings. He will also be moved by us and establish a long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation relationship with us.

4. SYSTEMS. Xiamen Seebest Wire & Cable Co., Ltd, There is a complete set of "service" systems, including pre-sales, sales and after-sales. From the source of the supplier, to communication and negotiation, order follow-up, packaging and shipment, customs clearance arrangement, payment, insurance purchase, certificate application, assistance in picking up, installation guidance, technical support, troubleshooting and satisfaction survey, customer referral and other aspects. 


"Xiamen Seebest Wire & Cable Co., Ltd", was founded in 2009, is located in Jimei District, Xiamen, Fujian Province, China. It is a manufacturing enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, sales and service of various cable products for customers at home and abroad. 

"Seebest Cable" has ISO9001, CCC, CE, CB, RoHS, VDE, DEKRA, UL and other certificates.

The company has a lot of customers in world, such as Voltage Electrical Contractor, Firesense, Kenya Power, General Electrical Engineering, Johnson Electric, Master Tec, Power-Gen Africa and others. 

"Seebest Cable" has provided the OEM services to some cable factories, such as Bangkok Cables, Olex Cables, Eland Cables, Pakistan Cables and etc.

If you became our partner, then you will have the Production Base, Overseas Warehouses, Purchasing Assistants, Sales Consultants, Technical Specialist in the wire and cables industry, you will get more and more projects in the future.

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